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Adeyinka Adesioye
Born in Nigeria
27 years
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Eric J. Jones Still Hard to Accept March 31, 2009
I mean, I really don't know what to say.  I can say that your birthday was the day before mine which is why we were close, I can say that no matter the news good or bad you always spoke with a kind heart.  I mean, even stopping in the office yesterday it still seems to be a empty place there.  I still can remember getting the information from Yvette and my heart just sunk.  Yinka, you were more than just someone in the building or a person to call when something was needed.  You were a friend.  I know that you are truly in a better place, but honesetly I have to say a small part of me wishes that you were still with us.  You will never be forgotten.  While I didn't know you long I can truly say that I was blessed for knowing you and I thank the lord for giving me the chance to share this place with one of his angels. 
Ayo Omotade My friends Sister March 30, 2009
You have touched people's lives in your short but productive stay on earth. Even we that don't know you feel the loss. We know that you are resting in peace and we thank God for giving your love ones the strength to go through these times you have departed. You might not be here physically but your spirit is present. Memories of you shall linger on forever.
Rest in peace
Irene Willis My Dear Yinka March 30, 2009
OMG Yinka!..What can I say....The only left for me to say is..I WILL MISS YOU! I love you..and I know now..the true meaning of being a Christian....I am glad I got to know you! I truly love you, you are my Favorite Delta and Sister Greek..Peace be with you!
Tatline Rodney[Aunt Clair] CONSOLATION March 30, 2009

When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound, and time shall be no more.

And the morning breaks, eternal bright and fair.

When the SAVED on earth shall gather over on the other shores.

And the ROLL is called up Yonder we will be there.


My heart breaks, tears will not stop, knowing  the last time I saw you at  Woodstream Women's Retreat you had so much dream of becoming a Journalist.

This dream will never be fulfilled, but that's ok because I know you are with our Heavenly Father where all your dreams willl be fulfilled.


Sleep my beloved Cynthia.

Sleep and take your rest.

Go lay your head upon our Savior's breast.

We love you so, but Jesus loves you best.

Good Bye, Good Bye, Good Bye.

Charles F. Parker Jr Too young too pass March 29, 2009



We never met but you were always so hopeful when we talked on the phone.  I always saw your spirited emails sent out to the DC Pan-Hell group.  I always heard from your sorors of how much you helped folks and never turned down the opportunity to help someone out.  You left such an impact and you will surely be missed.  I will miss seeing those emails from you to the group.  You are with Jesus and he took a good one from here to be with him.  You will not be here physically but your spirit will never go away.  May you rest in peace and May Jesus bring you home.

DAYO Adegbile Naijamotors March 29, 2009
We love you, but Jesus loves you more, your short visit brought us so much love and joy, you are dearly misssd. I rember you acceped Christ as your lord and savior. So, i have faith that when you awake, you will sit high on his soulder, look up, and touch the face of God. Bukki sun re o (RIP).
Wunmi Ogunmakin Naija Chic March 28, 2009
Bukky, Remember
Danielle Henry My Sister and Friend March 28, 2009
Words cannot express how much I miss you. Your vibrant spirit will forever be remembered.  I miss you terribly and it is taking me awhile to realize that you are no longer here.  "It is a new day!"  Like you would say on your voice mail and I can only hope to uphold the positivity you possessed every day of your life. Cyn, I love you and I know your beautiful spirit is with the Lord up above.


Love always,
Jennifer Greene My Birthday Buddy and Friend March 27, 2009
When i think of all of the women of distinction who have impacted the person that I have become today, I definitely place Cynthia high on that list. In my time at American, Cynthia was always there to counsel me on matters of business as well as matters of personal concern. It was always nice to have her there only a phone call away to listen to my problems and frustrations, or just to hang around American and hang out and eat dinner. I consider Cynthia not only a great mentor to me as a woman in Greekdom, but I also consider her a great friend. She was a perfect example of a dynamic woman who was out to make a mark on the world. Although her time here with us was short, she indeed did make an impact on the people she encountered. I like to believe the world is definitely a better place because of Cynthia. To my dear Birthday Buddy :) you will definitely be missed. I love you! Heaven just got a GREAT Angel!
Funmi Saka My sister March 26, 2009
I call U my little sister because your sister's sumbo is called by sister because I have known her for longtime. I have known for short time but I wish that I have known U for while.  Everywhere we go everybody say good things about U. U touch everybody one way or the other. May your soul rest in perfect peace.   We will miss U.  God will heal your family.
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